Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have just signed up with a gym near my place. I have been thinking abt it since May but its just so difficult for me to move my butt off the couch. Anyway, I have finally signed up for it and I am going to maximise my money. However, after going twice, I felt gym is not for me. I am not into any of the equipment. In fact, treadmill bored to death. I just felt like a hamster or a desperado trying to loose weight or trying to be sporty. And the thing is, it doesnt help to loose weight. I jogged on the treadmill for 30 min, but the amt of calories I've burnt was only 106 Cal. This is ridiculous. The 100g of salad I had before going to the gym was already 166 Cal. and that is excluding the toasted bread with cheese I had along with my salad. Arghhhh.... Dumb... I should just skip my salad and stay at home to watch youtube.

Monday, July 27, 2009

COOKing !!!

I am getting better and better at cooking le.Yeah!!. And I kind of enjoy the act of putting things together and be creative. Cooking for one person is a real challenge. Most food sell in bulk and it is always a real challenge to finish them before they go bad. Hence, cooking becomes something that I need to strategise. Sometime my meals would make up of a variety of "turning bad soon" ingredients. But this is the time when ur creative juice starts to flow. I made afew successful attempts and now I am so into cooking. Not that I like the act of cooking but more of the sweet taste of success I get out of it. Any one who knows me well would know that I was never into or never good at cooking. In fact, my first 2.5 months'cookings were real terrible. I was pathetically having only pasta, salad, tasteless "mixed rice" >>> ( frozen veggies + rice) and hours of scrubbing burnt pans.

Well, I am very shocked by my own progress too. I think the time I started picking up my cooking skills was when I stepped out of my comfort zone. I ditched my pasta and tasteless mixed rice and started cooking something more challenging. I checked out online recipes and equipped myself with more seasoning, sauces, spices, etc.... And also most importantly, a non-stick pan !!! hahaha....

One of the websites that help me kick start my cooking adventure is the "crazykoreancooking":

The two girls are so funny and crazy. They would sing , dance and act during their cooking demo. Some videos even have storylines. Check it out if u have time!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Shopping Spree....

I went shopping today with my colleagues. We actually knocked off from work earlier just to go shopping. hahaha... I got 3 tops, 1 jeans, 1 skirt and 1 dress in total. The summer sales is really good. I got 4 items from Zara and they cost me less than 40 Euro. muahahaha.... I wanna change my image from now on. I gonna buy more girly stuffs. More skirts, more dresses and more flowery tops. heheh...

And after shopping we actually did a very girly thing. We went over to someone's place and start having a fashion parade. I have not done this for the longest time. In fact, I realised that I dont even have shopping kakis in Singapore. Hmm....We shall have shopping + fashion parade session more often.

I'm Loving it~~~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Ultimatum

I just finished The Ultimatum. Yeah! I know u will say its a stupid Mediacorp drama. But I have to admit that I really like it. Haha... Maybe I am just too deprived of chinese dramas over here. I am really glad that I have finished it. My viewing habit is really unhealthy. I would watch all night and not do anything else. My house is in a mess now, my dishes and laundry are pilling up too. I didnt cook a single proper meal during this time. My friends said I am very "focus" but on the wrong thing. haha.... I just couldnt help it. I once watched a korean drama non-stop for 20 hours. I had only cereal for all my meals. Yupp... This is how FOCUS I can get. Hehehe... Please do not intro any more drama to me for the time being. I need to start cleaning up my apartment and start cooking proper meals le.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some updates!

My life was sooo hectic after I got back from Greece. Right after my Greece trip, I headed to Eastern Europe and covered 6 countries within 8 days. Yupp, it was that crazy. I think I had enough of traveling for the time being. Too much traveling is bad cos u will start to lose excitement and enthusiasm. I must learn to space out my traveling trips to maybe once every two months. Btw, Please put Greek islands on your "MUST GO" list. It is such an amazing place. I fell head over heel in love with Santorini. And I heard Mykonos is even nicer than Santorini. I am definitely going back to Greece again. As for Eastern Europe, I love Vienna best. I love the music cultural scene there. Just walk into any church and u will likely to catch some amazingly good choir or orchestra. The night scene was also very romantic there. I will try to upload the photos in my facebook.

But dont get jealous of me too soon. My life here is not just abt traveling. My work has started to get very very busy. I need to reach my office at 7am every morning and only leave the office at around 6pm. And by right, I should be preparing for my presentation to the senior mangement right now but I am blogging away to escape from it. The thought of giving a presentation to a panel of big shots just haunts me. Arggh..... lets skip this topic now.

Oh yes, I have received my first speeding tix. It comes with my photo. Hahaha... I cant deny it now. Luckily, I exceeded by only 6km/h so the fine is only 15 Euro. I looked really hilarious in the picture. My mouth was opened maybe due to the shock from the flash. Haha....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Santorini... here I come

After a lousy week, I finally have something good to share. My boss told me that the company will help to pay for the damage of my car. Yeah!!! I saved 550 Euro!!!

And I am going to Santorini, Greece tml... Let me give some preview to the island.

Friday, June 05, 2009


Finally got my internet connection in my apartment! It was such a long wait. Really cant stand the inefficiency of German service. Can u believe that my bank draft took 6 weeks to clear and I waited for one whole month to get my internet connected. It is ridiculous...

Anyway, my stay in Germany has been so far so good. But I was really unlucky last week. I got flashed by the speed camera on Wed and hit my car on Sat. Dont worry, it was nothing serious. I just hit an obstacle while moving off. But the car door was very badly damaged though. It could not be opened. I was damm sianz throughout the long weekend.It was my first accident and I seriously did not know what is the procedure like in Germany. And to make matter worse, the operator at the hotline cannot speak English. So I needed up having to come up with different words to describe the accident. Firstly, I said I banged my car onto a barrier but she could not understand that. So I said I hit my car onto a barrier and she still cannot understand. So I tried to say I met with an accident and she immediately asked me if I have called the police. And insist that I should call the police. Haiz... . It was after much effort that she realised that I did not bang into another car. I changed the car but I am expected to pay an excess of 550 Euro for the damage. I really hope that my company will help to pay for the damage. Haiz...